Ronnie L. Penrod
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Perceptive, analytical, problem solving technical manager, having demonstrated abilities to improve manufacturing and business processes through applied science and technology, seeks a part-time relationship with a stable company where these qualities and experiences can be used to meet challenges.

Major Accomplishments

Manufacturing and Technical Management.

Helped select and specify equipment and processes, set up process control, product development, and physical testing laboratories, was a key technical person involved in hiring and training personnel, established all tech specs, manufacturing procedures and formulations for a new coated fabrics factory. Basically helped start the plant from scratch and progressed through all technical management positions.

Managed product quality function becoming familiar with ASTM, QS-9000, ISO, AATCC, FED, MIL, FAR and other specifications and testing methods. As a member of ISO 9000 team, wrote much formal documentation and procedures. Knowledgeable in use and application of statistical methods of process control (SPC/SQC).

Developed many new products and processes including wear resistant coatings, adhesive systems for PVC to nylon, formable products, improved gravure printing process, water borne and other low VOC inks and HAPs free products, and unique products with improved fire safety.

As process engineer and plastics compounder, was responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars savings through product and process improvements for calendering, printing, extruding, molding, pressing, mixing/dispersing, and reverse roll, knife, knife over roll, flat screen and rotary screen coating methods.

Computers and Data Management.

Familiarity with Apple, DEC, Datapoint, IBM, and IBM/PC type computers, their operating systems, and applications with working knowledge of Mac, DOS, Novell, and MSWindows environments and networks. Highly skilled programmer with experience in machine code, assembler, Fortran, Forth, COBOL, Databus, Datashare, Foxpro, Database, HTML, CSS, Basic and Visual Basic. Wrote a major portion of the code for an early token ring operating system for microcomputers.

Skilled at use of common spreadsheet, word processing, graphics, CAD, and other MS/DOS and Windows application programs. Became advanced spreadsheet user through writing several macro/menu driven turnkey applications.

Developed database management/data migration expertise through directing installation of three major manufacturing management/MRP systems. Integrated mainframe, minicomputers, microcomputers, and manufacturing machines into an efficient, interconnected system utilizing RJE dialup networks, LAN's, WAN's, and direct connections. Developed some unique data capture and transfer techniques eliminating redundant entry of data.

Learned communication protocol management and real time data acquisition through writing programs which communicated and controlled automated scales, color spectrophotometers, laminating presses, calendering and coating lines, programmable controllers, densitometers, and other laboratory and testing equipment.

Thoroughly knowledgeable with accounting and other business systems through writing complete general ledger system including payroll, payables, receivables, inventory, cost accounting, shipping, receiving and work in process.

Color Control.

Gained recognition as a color scientist through lecturing, research, and teaching at collegiate level in a degree granting program and speaking at various international gatherings of color experts.

Became a computerized color management specialist through years of involvement in setting up, directing, and managing very successful paint and plastics color control operations. Somewhat unique in color field as both a theoretician/educator and an application expert.

Developed an instrumental system of color control that, when properly applied, has eliminated human color decisions from the color QC process.

Applied color science background to resolution of process color printing problems resulting in excellent color fidelity from scanner to display to hard copy output. Spent nearly a year of intensive research into all aspects of four color process printing problems becoming a PhotoShop color control specialist while gaining a thorough understanding of Colorsync, ICC profiling, various RIP's, color rendering, gamma, color gamuts, densitometry, and device calibration.

Experienced with dry toner, liquid toner, electrostatic deposition, ink jet, and computerized air brush types of output devices. Developed some unique methods of proofing via device emulation and wrote several PC based programs which analyze output data and generate precisely calibrated device I/O curves.

Extensively researched problems related to plastisol color control that resulted in being able to repeatedly produce virtually identical colors from batch to batch.

Devised some novel color control tools and programs for producing the drift standards needed to fine tune any color manufacturing process. Especially valuable when trying to coordinate colors among various polymers, different coloring processes or varied producers.

Member of committee charged with updating SAE J1545 Standard For Instrumental Color Difference Measurement For Exterior Finishes, Textiles, and Colored Trim.

Employment History.

Process Engineering Manager/Color Systems Development Manager, CGT, Toledo, OH  8//98 - 12/01

Self-employed Color and Technical Consultant (Full Time)  2/96 - 7/98

Production Process Engineer, Schneller, Inc., Pinellas Park, FL  3/94 - 1/96

Color Technology Manager, Polyplastex International, Inc., Pinellas Park, FL  12/91 - 2/94

Adjunct Faculty Member (Part Time), Terra College, Fremont, OH  9/88 - 6/91

Self-employed Computer Programmer (Part Time), Fremont, OH  4/79 - 11/91

Process Chemist, Development Chemist, Systems Analyst, General Research and Engineering Manager, Laboratory Director, Uniroyal Engineered Products, Port Clinton, OH  10/66 - 4/91

Chemist, United States Rubber Company, Mishawaka, IN  4/65 - 9/66

Product Development Chemist, General Tire and Rubber Co., Toledo, OH  7/63 - 3/65

Education and Training.

The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, 1958 - 1963.
Kepner-Tregoe Problem Solving and Decision Making. Atlanta, Georgia, 1969.
Managerial Grid. Cincinnati, Ohio, 1971.
Applied Color Systems Color Technology. Princeton, NJ, 1978.
Juran Institute SQC Quality Training Program. Port Clinton, Ohio, 1983.
Symposium on Color Control for Automotive Parts. Detroit, 1986.
Hazardous Chemical Communication Program. Port Clinton, Ohio, 1986.
Datacolor Systems Color Technology Program. Princeton, NJ, 1986.
Teachings of the Quality Masters. St. Petersburg College, 1992.
Statistical Process Control. St. Petersburg College, 1992.
Total Quality Management. St. Petersburg College, 1994.
Multiple QS-9000 Training Sessions. Varied locations in Toledo-Detroit area, 1998-2001.

Personal and Business References.

Furnished upon request.