Ron L. Penrod

Welcome to my e-résumè detailing in one place some of the skills and capabilities learned while wearing many different hats during my career to date. The areas documented here involve extensive knowledge of precision industrial color control along with computer programming abilities and experiences using most major languages and systems. My computer and programming involvement dates from the mid 1960's, long before anyone ever imagined that some day one could graduate from college with a degree in some computer related field. In those days computers were so expensive that their makers could afford to provide you with a bevy of support and training personnel to teach and train on the job.

Over the years, as computers progressed from mainframes to minis to micros and into the PC age to the present, I continued to learn by doing and using. During that same time frame, I progressed from being an efficient procedural programmer to developing the object oriented mentality needed for today's applications. In order to avoid obsolescence in the present age of world wide connectivity, I learned Internet related systems as evidenced by this production where I did all the web pages and Java Scripts the hard way -- using only a simple text editor to do all the coding. This is in keeping with all my prior basic understanding and experiences upward from the grass roots level - the true route to thorough understanding. Armed with a true grasp of the basics, extension of that knowledge to higher levels comes quite easily.

This production involved extensive use of graphics programs as PowerPoint, Photoshop, Excel, and others along with multimedia applications for sounds, music, etc. Cakewalk Pro Audio and my own personal music production system were used to sequence and arrange the music. Some of the songs are unique and quite likely can only be heard here. Check out my résumè to see what all I have done and then browse the rest of this CD as you wish. There is a lot of information and some entertaining things to be found. Everything on this CD is available online at, and

Although most browsers are capable of displaying the pages, certain procedures as dragging images, the scrolling marquee that should be running across the screen immediately below, etc. may only function in Internet Explorer. These functions are critical to the visual impact of some comparisons found on the RPDMS web site.

If you have any questions or would like some help with any projects or concepts like those found within these pages, feel free to contact me as detailed in my résumè. Thank you for visiting.

Chemist, Plastics Compounder, Mathematician, Physicist, Research & Development Manager, Quality Manager, Laboratory Director, Database Administrator, Color Scientist, Lecturer, Collegiate Educator, ISO 9000, QS-9000, Mistake Proofing, Crosby, Juran, Deming, Control Charting, Process Engineer, Teacher, Engineering Manager, Network Administrator, Business Systems Consultant, RPG, Databus, Basic, Fortran, Cobol, Assembler, Machine Language, DBase, FoxPro, HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, Calendering, Coating, Screen Printing, Gravure Printing, Laminating, High Pressure Lamination, Embossing, Injection Molding, Process Printing, WEB Master, Accounting Systems, Costing, General Ledger, Payroll, Payables, Receivables, Operating Statements, Balance Sheets, Automation, (FMEA)Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, (APQP)Advanced Product Quality Planning ...
oval image Look at my résumè - Complete career résumè outlining nearly forty years of acquired wisdom and knowledge broken down into areas of Manufacturing and Technical Management, Computers and Data Management, and Color Control. Information that I would be more than happy to pass on to others.
oval image My last job - Process Engineering Manager/Special Projects Process Engineer working on automating assembly, coloring, and coating of PVC plastisols. Multiyear, leading edge technology project involving lots of research and testing.
oval image What I've been up to the last several years - Working with microcontrollers to create a unique fading rainbow LED light show. The goal was to totally encompass the million or so RGB combinations discriminated by humans. Result was imperceptable stepping throughout the RGB color space gamut. This work with microcontrollers led to precision temperature regulation of Peltier thermoelectric cooling (TEC)devices, mainly in the biomedical field.
oval image My big presentation - Precise color control from RPDMS site. Summarizes techniques for using total instrumental color control for deciding batch adds and the shading end point. Actually describes a very precisely controlled color batching system so good that unskilled workers off the street become highly productive the first day on the job.
oval image RPDMS Color - My color technology web site. Lots of basic color information related to general color control techniques applicable to pigment and dye processes as well as graphics arts. Has an excellent presentation demystifying the Standard Observer Concept. Freebie programs and more.
oval image RPDMS Data Management - My business and computer related services web site. History of involvement in using computers to solve business and management problems. Experience goes back to late 60's and early 70's. More recently describes emphasis on the use of the most modern XHTML and CSS technology to produce highly efficient web pages.
oval image Sorting and Tapering - Humans prefer their color world to appear in good order. By sorting and selecting colors to minimize neighboring differences one can utilize a wide range of colors if adjacent samples are visually compatible. Learn about a unique, one of a kind program designed to easily optimize the placement of samples. The next page also illustrates use of JavaScript drag and drop techniques.
oval image So you want a web page? - The importance of keeping abreast of the latest coding standards for web pages is illustrated with examples. Cascading style sheets enable the separation of site design from content. Page sources and style sheets are examined illustrating the efficiency of using these modern tools to produce sites that will be viable now and in the future. See first hand how a 700+ source line WYSIWYG written page is redone with XHTML and CSS to contain 61 lines of source code! The two are indistinguishable in a browser. If you were responsible for maintaining the file, which would you chose?
oval image Go to Corhian - Site dedicated to the students of Corning, Ohio, High School from which I graduated. Site aimed at users with dial-up modem connections so goal was compact, efficient, fast loading pages. Many uses of JavaScript for self running slide shows, word searching, etc. Includes a hit song for each year from 1888 to 2002. Involved a lot of photo retouching of some extremely poor quality old photos.
oval image Datafile/Database Programs - A very old (25 years or more) set of programs that work well yet today. Pre-IBM PC system adapted as personal computers evolved. Containing some unique concepts at development time, they only illustrate my success and potential as an innovative programmer, not an entrepreneur or marketer. The file system and routines library have been used to quickly and cheaply create dozens of custom programs for organization management, inventory control, shipping systems, swim meet management, to mention just a few.
oval image Pro Bono Church Site - A site created as demo for using the latest CSS and XHTML tools to create web pages. By totally separating the design from content, future maintenance and expansion are much simpler. This site also utilizes a rather novel method of simulated transparency. Believe it or not, the page background image is not being seen through the transparent text block! It only looks that way.
oval image Visit Magnolia Manor - A site created for an ALF as demo for what can be done very quickly and cheaply to give a marketing Web presence.
oval image Home Page - The main start page of the domain where résumé is located. Not much here for an outsider other than seeing how efficiently large picture web sites are handled via optimization and use of thumbnail links. Web sites are coded with the speed of loading as a primary consideration.
oval image Corhian Midi Jukebox - 116 year history of American hit songs. Just the music as described in the above Corhian link.
oval image Demonstration Web Site - Web site designed to be both unlimited in complexity, yet simple enough to be maintained by relative novices. All links are textual so all one needs to be able to do is edit and type. These pages represent the highest level of HTML encoding aimed at creating neat appearing pages with framed, rounded corners and a consistent theme throughout. Examine the source code and be surprised by its brevity and simplicity. Hover mouse pointer over the tabs to get contextual information.
oval image Example Web Site - A real live example of a web site using the sample from above. Examine the code to see how simply and quickly one can go from generic to specific through a few easy text edits.

These pages are best enjoyed at 800 X 600 resolution or higher using a high quality sound card and a good set of headphones. earphones, or speaker system.